Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes that are applied directly onto your natural eyelashes.

Available in a range of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures, any look can be achieved. Professional application means, whether natural or dramatic, you will be sure of the look you desire. Using a specialised flexible adhesive each synthetic last extension is gently bonded one by one directly on top of the natural lash.

When professionally and correctly applied, your Lash Perfect lightweight extensions will feel just like your own. They are perfect for daily wear or for an active lifestyle. Waterproof, durable and comfortable to wear you can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24 hours a day and for weeks at a time without the need for mascara.

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are so natural that no one will ever know the difference. They have a natural curl so you can throw away your eyelash curler and a variety of curvatures will enable you to choose from a light natural look to a thicker, glamorous look and anything in between.

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